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Ceramic Bongs

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The black leaf ceramic bong is shiny black leaf with a handle. The smooth hit from the easy to hold Black leaf is mystical.size : 8 Inches ..
"I always keep a supply of stimulant handy in case I see a snake, which I also keep handy." This is a smartly carved design with the mouth piece placed at the tail end so that you dont have to the fe..
SOLD OUT Cheech And Chong Ceramic Bong
The Cheech And Chong is a duo holding on to their own favourites, one holds a chillum and other the bowl. But surprisingly what we get is a bong.The design inspired by the series is also meant to ..
SOLD OUT Dragon Ball Ceramic Bong
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Dragon ball ceramic bong is the funny serving dragon not the fire spitting one. The mouth piece is on his head and the bowl sn his hands.Size : 10 Inches ..
The eve ceramic bong is the chosen one. The petite eve is friendly with all. your friends will watch her as you puff in the smoke.Size: 8 Inches  ..
The Green leaf ceramic bong is shiny green leaf with a handle. The smooth hit from the easy to hold green leaf is mystical.size : 8 Inches ..
The Rasta Hold Ceramic Bong is an easy alternative for any regular smoker, The easy to handle bong has its mouth piece on the top and the hold is a perfect blend with the design.Size : 6 Inches ..
The rasta mushroom will surelly always remind you of the colorful visual treat that you've had at times. ;PMouth piece comes as the pipe, and the bowl sits on the top as a crown.Size : 8 ..
SOLD OUT The Snake Lady Ceramic Bong
This is a beautifully made piece of a snake lady. Each piece is moulded and painted with extreme care and precision.Size: 6 Inches ..
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