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Lord Shiva is one of the three most influential denominations in Hinduism. Although he has many forms the most recognizable form and attributes of the God is a third eye on his forehead ,a snake aroun..
The name Natraj or Natraja comes from the Sanskrit words "natya" meaning dance and "raja” meaning king. He is also known as the Lord of Dance. Size: 3'8" X 2'6" Dancing is seen as an art in which the ..
Ganesha is widely known as the remover of obstacles. Before undertaking any activity most Hindus choose to pray to Ganesha to ensure that no obstacles cross their path and make it an auspicious beginn..
Lord Shiva’s “Trishul” symbolizes the unity of three words of a human being. The first is his inside world, second the immediate world around him and third the broader world, a harmony between the thr..
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